Consoles vs PC

Welcome to where we take a look at some of your favorite games and latest releases. Take our hand, and we'll take you on a journey into the gaming world that you'll never forget, as we review individual games for consoles and for PC. And, most importantly, we believe that truth shall set you free, and we won't go easy on games and franchises that disappointed us (we're looking at you, Call of Duty), nor will we fail to give credit where credit is due (woohoo, praise the Sun, y'all!).

The Three Houses of Gamesteros

Xbox, PlayStation, PC – whatever your platform, you should choose PC, and be a part of the Masterrace. Just kidding – we don’t care what platform you’re using, as long as you’re having fun playing games as much as we do. But we also like to do something else – dissect the games you play, and find out just what’s good about them, but also what’s bad. And this need to dissect the games has never been greater now, in the year of our Lord, 2017. Why? Because, honestly, we've entered the Dark Ages of gaming. Gamers across the world are growing tired of AAA titles that offer nothing but repetitiveness and unimaginativeness. They lure us in with promises of grandeur and promises of fun and adventure, but all we get is more disappointment. The gaming industry has become a huge money-grabbing festival, where huge developer corporations are looking to earn money through early access passes and DLCs. Remember No Man’s Sky, For Honor, Mass Effect Andromeda, Hatred, Raven’s Cry, Destiny on release? All of these games had us giggling like little girls, saw us rush to Steam to buy them, only to be let down and wondering why was this even made. But, there are many great games out there, even now. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is coming, and, by the looks of it, it could be an awesome game, but, being developed by Ubisoft, we need to keep a close eye on them. Days Gone is coming, Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord, Vampyr, Destiny 2, Absolver – all these games have enormous potential to be outstanding, but also run the risk of being overhyped. In essence, our goal is to separate good eggs from the bad and to direct the players toward the good ones. We'll try to approach each game with as little bias as possible, and to provide you with insights into what can you expect from each title. Naturally, we're not trying to push you toward buying this game or that, nor do we have a final word when it comes to rating games. And of course we need to mentioned gambling on Pc. There are a lot of online casinos today with some online gaming, Live casinos and VR gaming already. On our site you can fine some reviews about online casinos, and we would like to recomend you visit our friend's site, where you can find rating best online casinos for free.


All in all, we aim to help our fellow gamers and to instruct them the best we can. Being gamers ourselves, we understand what makes a good game good, and what makes a bad game bad, and we know what it feels like to pick up a game that blows you away completely. We hope you’ll enjoy our reading our reviews, and give your own comments, for your opinion will help us in writing further reviews. And remember – NO PREORDERS.