Архивы за месяц September, 2017

Undertale Review

In 2015 the AAA titles were… A little underwhelming. Even now, in 2017, the AAA titles are losing their charms, as more and more gamers are getting sick of repetitiveness and predictability. Players are looking for diversity, for new games, new ideas, new stories, something that will keep them on their toes, or to draw […]

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

What RTS game is more famous than Warcraft? Age of Empires? Perhaps. Total War? Well, that’s not an RTS, strictly speaking. But, there is one franchise that keeps the players on their toes and one that has survived the tides of time, and, actually outlived Warcraft. That is, of course, StarCraft. Blizzard’s second great franchise […]

The Order 1886

One of the long-awaited games back in 2015 was The Order 1886. And, sure enough, the game came and the gaming community was… Disappointed, to say the least. The Order is a fantastically detailed game – but empty. It’s like an oil painting, beautiful, stunning, but you mustn’t touch it. The Order is, in the […]


In the wake of Dark Souls, many ARPG games sought to reach the critical acclaim that made the Dark Souls franchise into what it is. Not only that, but it also made it hard for them not to copy an already established good gameplay system and mechanics. Beings compared to Dark Souls means being a […]

Hook’s Heroes Slot Review

Hook’s Heroes is a 5-reels, 20-paylines video slot powered by NetEnt with a quirky theme based on Captain Hook – the infamous villain of the Peter Pan novel. The design of the game is very cartoonish and as you will see from the intro, it’s supposed to look like a children’s play. The game has […]

Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn Review

The original Guns With Guns Jungle Heat was such a success, that Microgaming created a sequel – Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn, a five-reel video slot offering 243 ways to win. The game stars the same beautiful heroines from the first slot, only this time they’re relocated to a snowy Arctic landscape. The slot […]