Архивы за день November 27th, 2017

XCOM 2 Review

– An alien occupation is now ruling humanity with an iron fist XCOM saw the end of an alien war, and humanity lost. 20 years later, we begin this story. A post-apocalyptic setting, a dark feeling of eerie happenings and a sense of loss surrounds the air. There is nothing darker than the feeling that […]

World of Warcraft: Legion Review

– Blizzard gives us a reason to rememeber why this game is worthy to be played After a series of disastrous gameplay problems and patches, it was a common belief that Blizzard had lots its ability to make a compelling game. Many people started to believe World of Warcraft had lost its ability to do […]

Unreal Tournament 4

In 1998, Epic Games released the very first “Unreal” to the gaming community. The following year saw the release of the original “Unreal Tournament.” Over the years, they released “Unreal Tournament 2003,” “Unreal II: The Awakening,” “Unreal Tournament 2004,” “Unreal Tournament 3,” and in 2014 they released “Unreal Tournament 4,” also known as “Unreal Tournament […]

The Forest review

– A Walk into the dark side of the Woods Survival. That is the main objective of “The Forest”. This game is an exclusive game for the PC, a horror themed piece that takes inspiration from other games like Far Cry, and other games like Minecraft, even if it seems unbelievable. Even though the influences […]

Team Fortress 2

“Team Fortress 2” is a multi-player, first-person shooter game. Developed and Published by Valve Corporation, “Team Fortress 2” was released in 2007. “Team Fortress 2” is the sequel to “Team Fortress,” which was a mod released in 1996 for the game, “Quake,” and the third game in the series. “Team Fortress Classic,” the second game […]

Swat 4

“SWAT 4” is a single-player/multiple-player, first-person, tactical shooter game. The player leads a five-member SWAT team in resolving various scenarios. Scenarios include hostage situations, robberies, and the apprehension of dangerous individuals. “SWAT 4” was developed by Irrational Games, and published by Vivendi Universal Games, in 2005. The game was created using Irrational Games’ “Vengeance Engine,” […]

STALKER: Call of Pripyat Review

– A new take on an old franchise, not so bold but worth try This franchise has come a long way, and there hasn’t been a game, a shooter game, that could combine such an amazing way the beauty of life and the horror of death. The franchise is a jewel. What is interesting about […]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

“S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl” is first-person shooter/role-playing game (without gaining experience, levels or changing characteristics) which is loosely based on the nuclear disaster which occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. According to the game, in 1986, a nuclear disaster occurred at the Chernobyl power station. The Soviets created an “Exclusion Zone” around this nuclear […]

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky

If GSC Game World ever fixed the horribly complained about glitches of this first-person, post-apocalyptic survival, shooter game created for Microsoft Windows in 2008, then gamers will continue buying this series. Following S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of the Chernobyl, it seemed to bring with it, similar glitches and its own variety of ones as well including: a […]

Quake III: Arena Review

– A new way to experience video gaming in an upcoming and rising industry Quake III: Arena might not be the most presentable game at first, but in the dawn of new consoles and new graphics for a developing area like PC video, this game is an absolute amazing installment. This video game has one […]

League of Legends Review

– In this league, your strategy is as important as a single click League of Legends is one of those game that have suddenly become classics with its own merits. This strategy game has a way to feel unique and that every match doesn’t feel like a previous one. Every match is designed to be […]

Half Life II Review

– A thrill ride from beginning to end Half Life II is possibly one of the most appraised videogames there are. There is much to say about it, but one of the things often said about it is that it is the best single player shooter game ever made for the PC. It captures the […]

Far Cry review

– A recipe for disaster done right, to is thrives Far Cry is a game that has threaded on difficult grounds, and there were many things that could have gone wrong, however, the good craft of a good videogame wasn’t absent in this piece and eventually saved the game from what could have been a […]

DOTA 2 Review

– It will take all your lifetime to eventually understand the principles of this game DOTA2 has been taken well by audiences, who with open arms will welcome you to the community, just to bang you after a couple of minutes and take you from your ninth cloud because this game is wildly complicated. And […]

Civilization V Review –

– Civilized or not, this game is here to stay The game follows whatever you want. In our case a real-life civilization that died in the 20th century, except that in this alternate reality things are a little different: They come with vengeance and a fury that the world has never witnessed! The game is […]

Until Dawn

Sony’s Playstation 4’s Until Dawn is a story driven interactive game, where every action has a consequence, and that is the appeal of this game. Developed by Supermassive Games; it was created so that no two games will ever be the same. Reactions keep you on the edge of your seat when every decision has […]

The Witness

For lovers of puzzle games, the game to own is Witness. Jonathan Blow, lead designer at Thekla Inc. published the game in January, 2016. Their game, a 3D puzzle game, is set on a vast deserted island, and challenges the player with over 600 puzzles to solve. Players awaken with no memory of where they […]

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is questionably the third in a series developed by Team Ico, but release by GenDESIGN, with the other two games being Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Sharing fundamentals of the other two games, The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game that has added the elements of the puzzle game for the […]

Sunset Overdrive

In the fall of 2014, video game developer Insomniac Games, and publisher Microsoft Studios, released the Xbox One exclusive game, “Sunset Overdrive.” “Sunset Overdrive” is an open world, single-player/multiple-player, third-person shooter. Open world, or sandbox, are video games in which players roam virtual worlds and approach objectives freely from any direction. The game allows for […]


In November of 2013, Finnish software developing company, Housemarque, released “Resogun” for the PlayStation. Housemarque has been making games since the early 1990’s for both PCs and consoles. This side-scrolling shoot‘em up can be played on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game’s publisher is Sony, which might explain its availability on […]

Ratchet & Clank

“Ratchet & Clank” was originally released in 2002, by Insomniac Games and Sony Computer Entertainment, for the PlayStation 2. The latest, updated version of “Ratchet & Clank” was released in April 2016, for the PlayStation 4. The game is a third-person shooter featuring a cat- like humanoid and a small robot. The 2016 version is […]

Rare Replay

For 30 years, game developer Rare and its predecessor, Ultimate Play the Game, have been making games for computers and consoles. “Rare Replay” is a compilation of 30 video games and was released worldwide as an Xbox One exclusive in 2015 by publisher, Microsoft Studios. The full lineup of Rare games included in “Rare Replay” […]

Quantum Break

Looking for a science-fiction, action-adventure, third-person shooter game for the Xbox and Windows PC? Microsoft Studios, along with developer Remedy Entertainment, have created “Quantum Break.” Released in April 2016, “Quantum Break” begins with an accident at a research lab which creates a “fracture in time.” The accident was a failed time travel experiment and gives […]

Ori and the Blind Forest

Moon Studios is a collaboration of international developers. In March 2015, they released the action-adventure game, “Ori and the Blind Forest,” with the publisher, Microsoft Studios. The original release was for Xbox and Microsoft Windows computers. “Ori and the BlindForest” tells the story of a cat-like orphan named Ori. Ori is found, adopted and raised […]

Halo 5: Guardians

Every gamer pretty much knows that if Microsoft is publishing a game for its Xbox One, it’s bound to be a top seller. The Halo series are no exception. Halo 5: Guardians happens to be Xbox One’s best-selling video game to date having sold over 5 million copies. Apparently if you are a gamer, you […]

Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 had very different reviews from die hard gamers. Another Microsoft Studios game, released by the Coalition in 2016, for Windows and Xbox One, it was a mega-hit, and long waited for by fans who had followed the series. The pressing question was who the Coalition was going to replace the enemy […]

Forza Motorsport 6

As far as simulated race car games go, there is no better games than the Forza series. They keep getting better with each new edition in the series, and number 6 is no exception. Unfortunately, they are only improving on their own previous errors or reinventing what has worked in the past. Created by Turn […]

Forza MotorSport 5

“Forza Motorsport 5” was released in November, 2013, for the Xbox. Developed by Turn 10 Studios and published by Microsoft Studios, “Forza Motorsport 5” was the #3 best Xbox game of 2013. Players get the experience of driving one of over 200 exotic race cars around legendary tracks. While the 200 cars look remarkable and […]

Fallout 4

Vault Boy welcomes gamers to the wasteland and the nuclear post-apocalypse future. In this graphic future, gamer’s character is a survivor, from Vault 111, separated from one’s family and trapped 200 years in the future. Leaving Vault111, he or she finds oneself in what is left of Boston and Northwest Massachusetts. Survivors seem to be […]

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is a popular game series, which plays like Mine craft. It is referred to as a “sandbox game” since the player is allowed to pick what, when and how they play the game. Again, very similar to Mine craft. Dragon Quest Builders was published and developed by Square Enix Holdings. Released in […]