Crime Scene Slot Review

– Prepare to gamble everything in while solving a mystery

Do you like a good mystery? This game is for you. What is exciting about this slot, regardless of the way you play or the way you bet, is that it puts you in the head of a detective. With 243 winning combinations, the NetEnt platform game provides a very interesting dynamic between the gamblers. Solving a mystery is always something challenging, but with this slot, it becomes something fun and very engaging.

The game provides new ways to play and it really develops a strong sense of mystery. The mood it provides is adequate to feel like the world you’re surrounded is truly a conspiracy with murder and crime. The thematic of the game is to play as a detective. The game is provided by the pioneers of the casino game industries, NetEnt platform software. NetEnt has always provided interesting ways for gamblers to bet their money, so it’s not a surprise it is them who have decided to come up with a mystery game that resembles such a CSI moments. It is a really good gamble to use your wits and your money, and it will make you feel interactive.

It is really a step forward in the casino gaming industry to introduce such an interesting concept to the new way of gambling. NetEnt does it again in providing thematic, music and playing entertainment. We could not ask for a game that provides such an attractive way to gambling. This game is everything that any mystery fan can ask for.

It can get a little bit tricky to play, but the game follows the same pattern as the other NetEnt platform games, so there is nothing much to add to it but a theme that is very interesting. This game takes you back to TV shows like CSI and Law and Order, so if you’re fan of those shows or always had a good itch about solving a case, the environment will sweep you in. The music is very intriguing and the animations are well done through and through.

Overall, it is very engaging to play, and someone could even say it is mesmerizing to feel engulfed into an air of mystery and the unknown. There are many feelings to be had when playing this game, and one of them is awe as the game is very well crafted.