Disco Spins Slots

Disco Spins is a musical themed video slot game by NetEnt platform. As one of the rising casino games developers, NetEnt brings forward a very groovy styled game. The 70s are back! And you’d better polish your dance shoes to dance rather than play. In all seriousness, this game is really interesting and fun to play because the music that will take you fifty years to the past.

NetEnt platform games had been a good sensation in the world of casino entertainment, so it is interesting to see a retro version of a game in casino’s nowadays. We highly encourage you to bring some dancing shoes with you, because you will be humming that music all night long and you will be hooked no matter how much you try not to.

The game is very simple, and it follows a very simple pattern like most NetEnt platform games. And like such games, it can be played either as a free game or you can sign up in the casino to play for real money. It is one of those games you want to play often because of the “oldie” feel it gives. The vibes you get are very positive and fun and you can spend a lot of time playing it.

This game really does not offer much on the gaming value except the entertainment and the music, but that is enough to keep you engaged for a while. Many people will appreciate the development of such an interesting game that takes you back in time to five decades in the past. So enjoy.

The game provides nice animations and very interesting. As a disco game, the music is very important and the soundtrack does not disappoint and you will get that catchy melody in your ears and in your head for a while. That is something very interesting that doesn’t happen often with casino games, where music usually second hand.

There is nothing negative about this slot, believe it or not, because the game is so engaging and interactive, mesmerizing and attractive because of the theme, the animations, and the music, the way you play… we could go on for a long while. That is the exact point of the game, to get you hooked and keep you playing. We must admit the game really does it.

If you’re playing this, be prepared to get hooked.