Max Damage Slot

–  Aliens have come now, and they are trying to take your money.

This is a Microgaming video slot game used in casinos, one of the classic games by this gaming slot platform. The wild card is the Max Damage symbol while the scatter is the Green Alien (we fall into the cliché that every alien has to be green, but we’ll let it slide for now). It has the option of being both playable for free but without reward or you can also game for real money on casinos that support this platform. It is a good way to spend your money. The slot machine counts with 243 pay ways, so you have your chances.

The game itself is about travelling to space and meeting aliens, which means it has a fantastic and interesting theme that covers a lot of what comic book and movies are about. If you’re a sci-fi fanatic, this is a good game for you. The game itself is not very complicated, and after seeing a lot of NetEnt platform games, there is something interesting and heartwarming like a Microgaming game. The NetEnt games tend to be very sophisticated while the Microgaming games are more of a traditional casino way of playing and spending your time.

It is very entertaining. Although the graphics aren’t “state of the art”, it is quite a visually attractive game and it can get very interesting when all you have to do is pay (or rather bet) 0.30 euro. The background music is just okay, nothing special, however, as mentioned before this game is somewhat heartwarming. The traditional interface and the way to play and pay, well, it won our hearts because it’s not that developed: the way casinos should be and are about. Sometimes people forget a casino is not an arcade, and this game reminds you that casinos are simple, fun and profitable.

Although is not as popular as other games, because of the rise of NetEnt platform, this game seems to find some comforting feeling of “coming home” for those who have been playing for a long time. This is the kind of games many gamblers like to see, especially those who come from the 60s and feel like the new spin of games is not quite their taste. This is an all ages (well, 18 and up) game.

Sadly, even though the game is entertaining, it fails to lure new games because it’s not really one of those games that has a highly produced edge and it can feel a little bit “boring” if you’re not that much into space-theme games. However, the game is good enough to enjoy and repeat. You will find yourself spending a couple of hours on it, and probably earning something interesting (no promises though!)

Max Damage is good for sci-fi fans and also traditional gamblers, so we encourage you to try it out and hopefully you will find yourself engaged for more than a couple games. We do recommend it.