Thunderstruck Slot Review

– Beware the thunder gods!

If you like medieval thunder gods, and you like betting and gambling, then you have here a very interesting and engaging game developed by the Microgaming platform. Thunderstruck is one of those games that feels classic because of the interface we’re dealing with. With 5 slots and 9 ways to win, it sure has a sense of homely welcome to those gamblers who have been playing NetEnt platform games lately. Microgaming has gone under the radar lately because NetEnt has taken the spotlight at the casinos that now have a high profile gaming platform.

This is the type of games that thrusts Microgaming up in the ladder of popularity in the casino games, because they feel like you’re dealing with something classic. It is one of those entries that challenges the new platforms that are rising and upcoming. This game is easy to play and also very entertaining because of its thematic value. This game is very old, and yet, for many years it has captivated the minds and pockets of all those gamblers who feel like the new and upcoming games are not that interesting. Miicrogaming always has something nice under their sleeve and it’s good to know they have something like the Thunderstruck gaming platform prepared for those who are not ready to level up.

The minimum bet is 0.9 euro so playing is very accessible. Although it can be a game that places high bets, there is also a very fun way to achieve a high payday should you be lucky enough, however the game is always a great risk and a great pleasure to play. One of the things that make it a very enjoyable game is the fact that the sounds it makes make you feel like you’re in a real casino, unlike the soundtrack of other games that are way too overproduced. Sometimes you forget that you’re dealing with real money and real stakes, so it is important to have something that reminds you of the true environment you’re surrounded with. You’re in a casino, so you always want to feel like you’re in one, and not taken to space or some fairy tale land like other games that try to get you away.

Although sometimes you don’t get the best results, Thunderstruck is a fun game to play. There is a value of entertainment that is higher, sometimes, than the payment you may receive. Just sit tight and place your best bets and have a good time. We guarantee that Thunderstruck is a good choice to make you feel like you’re playing something worthwhile.

Thunderstruck will always have a good way to entertain you, no matter how many new games arise in the industry of casino games. This type of games win a place in our hearts because they feel like home and they always remind you that no matter where you go, a casino is a casino: somewhere to have fun and enjoy your time and money.