Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 had very different reviews from die hard gamers. Another Microsoft Studios game, released by the Coalition in 2016, for Windows and Xbox One, it was a mega-hit, and long waited for by fans who had followed the series.

The pressing question was who the Coalition was going to replace the enemy with now that the Delta Squad had defeated the Locust Horde in Gears of War 3. However, having a new protagonist cast was the real disappointment across the board among fans. Unanimously, our new heroes lack the finesse and humor that was relaxed and part of the previous 3 games mainstream enjoyability. These characters are described as bland, forced, and lacking inspiration. Fortunately, the game is enjoyed enough that the Coalition can build on this and the story-line as they continue in this next segment of the series.

The beginning of the game is where the mixed review causes some confusion. Some gamers love the hours of fast paced cover and shooting of a robot enemy, while others find it monotonous. After this segment, though, all gamers hail the weaponry, graphics, campaigning and processes it takes to conquer the subsequent enemies. This game moves faster than previous versions, which gamers will quickly adapt or need to adapt to, obvious decisions are no longer obvious, and as the game progresses surprises are everywhere. It takes the gamer three hours to get to this stellar part of the game, but apparently, it’s worth it, or it wouldn’t still be one of the top selling games of MicroSoft.

Another reason this is a well-loved game is it is a multiplayer game. Teams can be built with friends in the same room or across the country on-line. You are going to want a team. Watching this game being played pumped my a**-kicking adrenaline. However, I realized early on that it is not for the solo player. Fans of Gears of War will know this, but should prepare for new roles, and number of people on a squad. Additionally, squads can play against squads, and the system will assign what “type” of squad players and their friend will be playing during that particular game. Gears of War 4 is full of surprises