inFAMOUS: Second Son

Aaah, Seattle, home of jazz, Amazon and Conduits, humans with various superpowers. Well, not so much for Conduits, as they’ve been hunted down relentlessly by the government after the events of inFamous2 when Cole sacrificed his life and defeated the Beast. InFAMOUS Second Son moves away from its comic book style and introduces a heavier, more human story.

The Hero or the Villain of Seattle

As we’ve said, Second Son takes place in Seattle, seven years after the incident with the Beast. The game follows Delsin Rowe, a delinquent and graffiti artists with a unique superpower – he can absorb other conduit’s superpowers. He is fighting the D.U.P. and its leader Brooke Augustine, who is a Conduit herself. Delsin meets several other Conduits and absorbs their powers, and uses them to subdue or kill his enemies.

As in the previous game, the Karma mechanic is very important, as it gives Delsin access to alternate versions of his powers. He can use Neon, Concrete, Smoke and Video powers, but his powers get modified based on whether he kills people or spares them. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities where Delsin’s morality is questioned, and he has to choose between a “good” or “bad” actions that influence him and the story in general.

Only – it doesn’t. The story in Second Son, though well-written, engaging and well-told, doesn’t really pay much heed to the Karma system. Though you can change some parts of the story by choosing to make a good or evil decision, there are no long-term impacts of the morality system. On top of that, though the characters are interesting, the game focuses on the main characters and neglects the rest, leaving their potential untapped.

Second Son’s gameplay rocks. Having access to more than one superpower, Delsin despatches his enemies with ease and navigates Seattle with no difficulty. Each of the powers has its own skill tree, and you spend points gained by completing missions to unlock them. However, in the early game, you won’t still have powers that increase your mobility, so you’ll have to resort to Delsin’s parkour skills to get around town. You can choose to fight your enemies head-on and blast them to bits, or you can employ stealth and dispatch them quickly and silently. However, every now and then you’ll get into a massive fight, so upgrading combat skills is a must.

Lastly, let’s say something about the game’s art. Second Son is a beautiful game. The fictionalized version of Seattle looks amazing, with the developers paying a great deal of attention to details. The lighting is outstanding, and, coupled with a changing weather system and day-night cycle, it creates some breathtaking scenes. The character models are great too, and all of them were made with a great deal of care.  And all of this is even more amazing considering this is a PS4 exclusive game.


In the end, Second Son is a game worth playing if you have a PS4. Excellent graphics, more mature story, great combat, open world – all of these traits make Second Son more than a worthy successor to the already highly-regarded inFamous games.