Dead Rising 3

When Dead Rising 3 came out, it was graphically ahead of its time. It had sleeker, more realistic graphics and audiences were impressed. It’s program engine was able to far surpass its predecessor, while at the same time remaining fun. Los Perdidos, the fictional city, is gigantic, but so is the processing power of the frame rate necessary to keep up with the continuously growing hordes of zombies. With Capcom Vancouver, the Canadian location of the extremely popular Japanese video game company, at the helm behind this series, this game is the perfect transition from the traditional zombie games to comical zombies with dark tones. According to both gamers, (Joel Borkowski and Edwin Prieto) “the true highlight of this game for gamers is the player gets to go one step beyond the typical shooting up of zombies to slicing, tutoring, chemical burning, exploding, and many more ways to slaughter zombies.”

The storyline is one the pop culture world is craving. Not since Dead Rising 2 had there been an infection so welcomed to hit the open, action world of video games. The “shoot ‘em up” city of Los Perdidos is once again under attack by hordes of zombies. You, the protagonist, Nick Ramos, orphan and master mechanic, like everyone else in Los Perdidos is a scavenger. News reports over the radio transmit that the government plans to annihilate Los Perdidos in three days killing zombies and survivors alike. You and your friends have three days to escape or be consumed by the ever-expanding zombie hordes or the pending government’s napalm.

Unfortunately, Dead Rising 3 never got its true accolades. This revolutionary game and third best Xbox One game was quickly set aside and covered up by its big brother Dead Rising 4, Resident Evil and others which were released too soon after Dead Rising 3’s release.