Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is a popular game series, which plays like Mine craft. It is referred to as a “sandbox game” since the player is allowed to pick what, when and how they play the game. Again, very similar to Mine craft. Dragon Quest Builders was published and developed by Square Enix Holdings. Released in January 2016, it was designed for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This role-playing game has given the player the mission of redesigning the world after its destruction. One major difference between Dragon Quest Builders and Mine craft is that Dragon Quest is a one-player, solo adventure, where Mine craft allows for multiple players at once.

The graphics of this game are of supreme quality for a sandbox, cubical design game. The prequel in the game, explaining the plot line of the destruction of Alefgard, and your job as builder in each environment, each with separate elements, people, and quests, allows the player to choose which adventure he will spend hours of building fun on. The overall concept of the game is fairly simple… Build things. Combat is limited to kill monsters before they kill you. The main reason for combat is to acquire more material to build more.

One shocking issue with the game is when the player finishes one chapter, defeat the chapter boss, and start the next chapter, all items and material are wiped clean and the person is forced to start the new chapter from scratch. Hours of work are erased away, and gamers have to start the next chapter with nothing. Very frustrating.

Dragon Quest Builders allows kids to play an RPG building game without being involved in a multiplayer situation. The game is “RPG Light” allowing collecting, crafting, storytelling and hours of fun for younger gamers.