Fallout 4

Vault Boy welcomes gamers to the wasteland and the nuclear post-apocalypse future. In this graphic future, gamer’s character is a survivor, from Vault 111, separated from one’s family and trapped 200 years in the future. Leaving Vault111, he or she finds oneself in what is left of Boston and Northwest Massachusetts. Survivors seem to be mutants or raiders, but one can still find some friends struggling to hang onto some remnant of humanity. Players will need to build settlements, scavenge resources, craft and/or find weapons and armor, and even kill or be killed.

Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Soft-works bring gaming fans the next edition in the Fallout series. “Fallout 4” was released in November 2015 for multiple gaming consoles (Xbox and PlayStation) and the PC. This addictive RPG uses characters in-game decisions to influence the outcome, either victory or loss, of the four leading groups and all the smaller groups as well. One main source of conflict is caused by “The Institute,” which is creating Synths who are human looking, realistic robots. Think “I Robot” or “Blade runner” and the question of whether humanlike robots can be considered alive.

Leveling up in “Fallout 4” means putting stat points into one of players SPECIAL attributes. The SPECIAL attributes included are Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence and Luck. These attributes will help determine various skills. Characters can find themselves good in combat, crafting, looting, and charming. Perhaps best of all, one’s character will be able to master all abilities. Once one starts developing these skills, he or she will become more invested in the character and his wasteland home.

“Fallout 4” won the BAFTA Award in 2016 for Best Game and the Game Critics Award in 2015 for Best of Show, Best PC Game and Best RPG. The game was also nominated for many other awards.