Forza Motorsport 6

As far as simulated race car games go, there is no better games than the Forza series. They keep getting better with each new edition in the series, and number 6 is no exception. Unfortunately, they are only improving on their own previous errors or reinventing what has worked in the past.
Created by Turn 10 Studios, and Published by Microsoft for the Xbox One, in 2015, it seems that Motorsport 6 was created to bring back everything that was loved by Forza 4, and correct mistakes complained about by gamers in Forza 5. Gamers can look forward to changing the weather, time of day, and the clearest, cleanest graphics of any racing platform. The precision in the simulation of the cars and tracks is truly spectacular and impressive. Race car driver enthusiasts or even the occasional mother with road rage will enjoy this version as it can capture moments of historical driving for the player’s enjoyment and stress relief.

The beauty of Forza 6 is in the design of the game itself. In the past, players chose cars and tracks, while this is still somewhat of an option, this single player game has changed the idea of its mode of playing. Forza 6 presents the player with five different themes; each theme contains a different racing discipline that each racer must accomplish. One accomplishes this skill set with different car combinations and tracks from all over the world, keeping the gamer entertained until they have successfully completed all skills. Some critics complain about this change of design; however, this reviewer loves this idea.

At each level, the player gets to choose what kind of car to use on the track, so each time can be an adventure. Imagine driving an SUV through a thin, mountain pass. With this addition, players get more points for how difficult the track is, and the difficulty level of the car is on the track. Additionally, as the player continues through each segment of track and car, conditions change, so while a driver might have raced that track in a previous edition, Forza 6 might have snow conditions on the track. The purpose is to always keep the game changing and keep players coming back to the hot seat of the driver. After each level of the tour, players are rewarded with prizes and bonuses which can be both practical or insignificant. The true accolade is the feeling of triumph one feels leaving all the other drivers in the dust.

Seemingly, the only true criticism this reviewer found is the music wasn’t appealing or matching the racing enough. Don’t get me wrong, music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world. It has the power to change a human’s entire emotional system within seconds. However, one person’s criticism about the musical score of this game is not a true criticism. Not when everything else I’ve seen, read, and yes, even played, (totally guilty) screams RaceCar AI Fun for everyone.