Halo 5: Guardians

Every gamer pretty much knows that if Microsoft is publishing a game for its Xbox One, it’s bound to be a top seller. The Halo series are no exception. Halo 5: Guardians happens to be Xbox One’s best-selling video game to date having sold over 5 million copies. Apparently if you are a gamer, you own this game; which could be why pounds of controversy can be found overloading the internet about this singular game.
343 Industries has developed a game that comes close to meeting the potentials of Halo fans and the lofty weight and reputation the name Halo holds. Gamers, who aren’t one of the 5 million who already own this game, can look forward to novel and unexpected changes brought to this franchise. As controversial as these changes are, the pace of the game is so fast, players are prisoners to the new movements, design, new multiplayer modes including teams, and solo playing options as well.

The story behind Halo 5 is supposed to be about the characteristics of artificial intelligence, learning accountability, responsibility and duty, and how to handle the situation when one’s hero fails expectations. However, these incredibly important themes are lost among beautiful worlds, and labyrinths, with missed opportunities and confusion everywhere.

Apparently, the consensus reports to get the preeminent gaming experience out of Halo 5, one need to play cooperatively with three or four friends. In operating this way, all of the weaponry, and angles can be utilized at different moments and several different gameplay situations are made more available. Fortunately, the greatest concern over this game was about this topic, and it seems 343 Industries fixed this bug. When several predecessors were released, 343’s servers were not strong enough to support the number of multiplayers trying to play. The game continuously froze, and consumers were constantly frustrated. Halo 5 does not have this problem, people can play with freedom with their friends; it just lacks decent storytelling and has a confusing plot. Halo fans still claim it is the best Halo game, the best multi-player game, and will ignore little things like plot to play it until Halo 6,7,8 and beyond come out.