Quantum Break

Looking for a science-fiction, action-adventure, third-person shooter game for the Xbox and Windows PC? Microsoft Studios, along with developer Remedy Entertainment, have created “Quantum Break.” Released in April 2016, “Quantum Break” begins with an accident at a research lab which creates a “fracture in time.” The accident was a failed time travel experiment and gives both hero and villain, time-bending powers.

Remedy Entertainment has over a half-dozen games, including the “Max Payne” series. Their games’ plot lines are so intricate and entertaining, it has been turned into books, comics, TV series and movies. They specialize in cinematic “blockbuster” action games. Their other games are more character-focused, where “Quantum Break” is unique in focusing its attention on the time-travel, third-person shooter that uses live-action television to move the story forward.

Through the use of his time-bending powers, our hero can slow bullets or move superfast, like the Flash, among other powers. These powers make the shootouts more exciting and allow for different outcomes depending on the time powers used. Plot twists, along with the use of real actors in the live-action portions, add depth to the various characters. As the hero makes choices between two outcomes, the consequences of his choices drive the direction of the story and make for an enjoyable campaign.

The biggest disappointment is Remedy obviously focused its energy on the story and production, using real actors for the characters, and lost focus on the game. Gamers complain that it runs slow, can seem fuzzy in areas, and has poor PC platforming regardless of system.