In November of 2013, Finnish software developing company, Housemarque, released “Resogun” for the PlayStation. Housemarque has been making games since the early 1990’s for both PCs and consoles. This side-scrolling shoot‘em up can be played on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The game’s publisher is Sony, which might explain its availability on the PlayStation.

“Resogun” reminds me of the classic game “Defender,” since the player scrolls either left or right while shooting their enemies. The difference between the classic “Defender” and “Resogun” is the cylinder-type battle area. One can shoot backwards and forwards, while attempting to rescue your little humans from alien abduction, and death. The point of the game is to save the humans from their little cube prisons, return them to the safety of the hub, and enjoy the rewards. Game stages wouldn’t be complete without a boss battle. Boss battles vary in difficulty, with certain levels being more difficult than others.

For gamers who like the ability of on-line interaction, this game allows the user to select between single player or online co-op playing. One can also choose difficulty (rookie, experienced or veteran), mode, type of ship, and level. Game play offers power-ups, shields, weapon upgrades, bombs, and a powerful overdrive attack. Exciting gameplay is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack, an audio explosion of techno-rock which instantly kicks in a shooter’s adrenaline and keeps it there throughout the game. That addictive pump is also what keeps fighters coming back to play more. There are downsides of “Resogun.” There are only five battle stages and bosses and combatants can’t earn extra lives in co-op mode. However, wanting to beat your friend’s high score makes is always a reason to come back for more.