The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is questionably the third in a series developed by Team Ico, but release by GenDESIGN, with the other two games being Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Sharing fundamentals of the other two games, The Last Guardian is an action-adventure game that has added the elements of the puzzle game for the ever-quizzical, adventure seeking gamer.

Released solely for PlayStation 4 and future versions, this game is told as a flashback story line.Told from the perspective of an older man remembering a time as a boy when he and his griffin like creature, Trico, paired up to solve puzzle after puzzle while killing enemy suits of armor. Players need to pay careful attention while playing. Every object can have significant meaning in the quest, Trico will often refuse orders, appearances will change, which meansthe player must learn to adapt to the game and to Trico.

The graphics are pretty good, but definitely had some pixelated, shell speckled shading. Seriously, a main distraction of this game is the length of time it takes bonding and getting Trico to obey orders. This feature demands the greatest of patience in the player. Probably an excellent lesson to be taught to all of society; however, it should be rated M in my house, specifically for the numerous expletives that escaped my mouth trying to train him. Fortunately, it is possible for both you and Trico to survive.
The history behind this game beyond its possibly not necessarily chronologically sequential to the other two games, is that it took thirteen years in the making. Gamers who had played the previous two games had to wait seven years for it to be finished.