Until Dawn

Sony’s Playstation 4’s Until Dawn is a story driven interactive game, where every action has a consequence, and that is the appeal of this game. Developed by Supermassive Games; it was created so that no two games will ever be the same. Reactions keep you on the edge of your seat when every decision has and different outcome causing a different ripple effect throughout the game. In turn, this can also mean the difference in your character or another character’s life or death.

Writer/Directors Graham Reznick and Larry Fessenden have created another cult classic in this storyline. The basic storyline behind Until Dawn is surrounded around eight teenagers who spend the weekend in a mountain cabin. They end up being trapped and when actions in the game go awry, the eight realize they aren’t by themselves. The game speeds up as the player is forced to make quick decisions for the groups survival. If you are a fan of theme park horror nights, when people jump out at you, then you will enjoy this game. There are a lot of jump surprises and shocks that keep you playing.

Spoiler Alert *** Yes, there is a way for all characters to live in a secret ending.***
Spoiler Alert 2*** it’s not just the masked psycho they have to escape. ***

One playthrough for a single character lasts anywhere from seven to nine hours making only one decision or choice of action. The auto-save part of the game stops the player at the exact point in the game where they are at. This prevents players from going back to different points and making different decisions.

Most gamers will agree that the graphics, especially some of the facial expressions were quite advanced and captured human emotion astonishingly well. However, American game store sales associate, Trakel James, complained that there were parts where “the dialogue seemed forced.” While another gamer, 15-year-old Jessica Lyzak, felt the “game took advantage of the DualShock 4’s motion sensor, requiring players to hold perfectly still during particularly harrowing times of the game.” All here agreed that Until Dawn captured the essence of the typical American 1990’s-early Millennial teenager and had a blast playing the game.

Some interesting history about Until Dawn is that when it was announced at Gamescon in 2012 for the PlayStation thee, consumers believed players would be expected to switch playable characters during play and control the flashlight at the same time. It was only when the game changed to the Playstation 4 that this feature was altered.

Currently, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, it’s sequel has recently become available, and we are looking forward to reviewing it.