Civilization V Review –

– Civilized or not, this game is here to stay

The game follows whatever you want. In our case a real-life civilization that died in the 20th century, except that in this alternate reality things are a little different: They come with vengeance and a fury that the world has never witnessed! The game is a conquering-strategy game that has come with its fifth installment, so we can say for sure that if they reached number five then the previous games are definitely good.

This time we find ourselves fighting for the liberty as a conquering nation is taking over America and Europe. What is interesting about the Civilization series is that it allows you to create your own world, one you devise. That is really unique and attractive, and people are gathering all over the world to create their own invasion army to take down your own army. How amazing is that?

The game is all about strategic minds and imagination, as every army is led by a powerful leader in real-life human history. So it is important to set out your goal, your type of victory, before choosing the nationality of your army and your leader. Not only you have the liberty to choose your nation and your army, but you can also shape the world to your convenience and make sure to pick a time period where everything is possible.

Like the previous games, this one is extremely addictive. You want to play it over and over again because the possibilities are basically limitless. You can be a French army with Napoleon or become a Germany SS officer. You can be a Viking with all the Nordic gods on your favor. It really is a matter of taste and predilections and that’s what makes this game so interesting.

The game is all about crafting your own society and conquering the world the way you want to. The possibilities are endless, so we are gladly giving this game a five star rating because it is utterly amazing. You can take 6 hours straight playing and you will want to play it even more time, because the universe, the history you create resonates with every action and decision you make. You will be hooked with this game, just like the previous four installments of the Civilization series.

So prepare to dive into a universe of your own, and may the better army win and shape the world the way they want to!