DOTA 2 Review

– It will take all your lifetime to eventually understand the principles of this game

DOTA2 has been taken well by audiences, who with open arms will welcome you to the community, just to bang you after a couple of minutes and take you from your ninth cloud because this game is wildly complicated. And when we say wildly complicated we mean that it’s a disastrous puzzle that not even the most amazing puzzle fanatic will get to understand right away. It will take a lifetime to eventually understand the principles of this game, and that’s being very kind.

If you decide to stick around the game, you will realize DOTA 2 provides a tense team work environment and yet, one of the most rewarding sensations when it comes to succeed, if you manage to succeed at all. We will keep repeating that this game is no walk in the park, it’s a complete mess and it will mess with your head more often than not, so be wary of having a lot of coffee.

The visual graphics and artistry is something that is notable and worthy of praise, because with some practice you will be able to tell which team is which even though they’re brawling right before your eyes in a messy combination of colors and characters.

Many Mobile Online Battle Arena games (MOBA’S for short) are copied and the result of it is DOTA 2, except that the difficulty is risen from the ground into something very complicated and it is justified. Because every single strategy you think of in other games is twisted around to give you a new way of dealing with enemies that, we repeat, will take you a lifetime of mastering and eventually more than just that. So this game is all but short, it is in fact very time consuming.

Thrown into the deep end at the beginning, there is no surprise when many players give up at one or two tries. It is a game for those who are perseverant and never give up. It will be a test for your patience and we assure you, there will be times when you will want to grab your computer and throw it out of the window or eventually shoot it. Depends on your mood.

However, the fantasy elements and everything that revolves around this game is worthy of trying, and eventually you will find yourself getting new skills that will serve you in the accomplishment of battles and missions. All we have to say is that this game is worth the tantrums you will eventually have and that if you give it a chance, you will be hooked and even if you lose constantly, you will let loose and simply enjoy the game more and more as it becomes more achievable.

So we have warned you, this game is not for the faint hearted but if you stand by the will to keep fighting, you might become better than many. It depends on you how much time it will take you to accomplish.