Far Cry review

– A recipe for disaster done right, to is thrives

Far Cry is a game that has threaded on difficult grounds, and there were many things that could have gone wrong, however, the good craft of a good videogame wasn’t absent in this piece and eventually saved the game from what could have been a total mess. The game can be quite beautiful if you think about it, ranging from great graphics that can be admired from the great views the game provides. For a game that was breaking through to a new generation of graphics, this game provides a visual spectacle.

The sounds is very interesting, because you can turn on and off the music, although it’s not recommendable because you’d be missing out part of the mood and the enveloping atmosphere the game gives you. It is very engaging to see how the views and the music work in conjunction with the VFX to showcase a true adventure.

The difficulty of the game is interesting, with different enemies that react differently when it comes to the environment. For examples, if they’re indoors, they can be easily taken out. If they’re outdoors, they have a whole new set of abilities to compensate that makes them hard to take down. As a player, you have to be prepared for the unexpected, because every setting, every place, every time needs a new strategy.

There is a small problem to address and that is the auto-save system, which seems to save the game as you pass through certain areas or checkpoints, which can be sometimes annoying and inconvenient rather than saving progress whenever the player desires. A manual saving feature would have been pretty much appreciated, because sometimes there are things out of our control that happen and we might lose our progress-

The story is interesting, and one of the things to address is that there is a strong sense of cooperation between the characters, because they can actually call for help. That can be both a blessing and a curse, depending who you are playing and when the situation arises. The story is interesting, but the game design is what matters.

Part of the environments seems indestructible, even if you blow up a nuclear plants (no, you can’t do that, but it is an example) or you set the whole place on fire. Some grass and some foliage are unable to be touched or altered. For a game with a new set of graphic developments, it is not unexpected to see some of those elements being untouched.

Overall the game is quite entertaining and a powerful and solid introduction to a new series and types of games that many gamers will love. The game is very powerful, in a sense that it is engaging and catchy and it has so many features that can be exploited for endless fun. The only problem is the manual saving, but if you take that aside, it’s quite an enjoyable and really breakthrough game. Highly recommended.