Half Life II Review

– A thrill ride from beginning to end

Half Life II is possibly one of the most appraised videogames there are. There is much to say about it, but one of the things often said about it is that it is the best single player shooter game ever made for the PC. It captures the mind with an engaging storyline and also uses sound and video well enough to provide a unique experience that will make any other videogame for the PC something to look up to and to be envious of.

The storyline picks up after the conclusion of the previous Half Life installment, and it provides much more depth than the previous one. The end of the story left much things left to say and an opportunity to continue the franchise without any problems. The videogame’s storyline is complemented by the visual elements, designed to astound the player until there is nothing more but a craving for more.

It is quite a dark game, and it showcases very well the story. There is little Light, something we should expect from a Half-Life game. What is interesting about this game is that the each one of the creatures designed for the game have a different way of attacking/killing you, so you must devise new way or strategy to fight those creatures.

The sound design stays true to the environment you’re playing with, it is obvious there was a lot of time spent on fixing the sound of every single gunshot to every rustling leaf. The game is not only a shooter endeavor where you have to go around killing things, but also it provides a powerful set of puzzles. You have to be brainy and decide how you’re going to approach them, making you think of your next step.

One of the things to notice about the game is that it does not come with a multiplayer feature, so it must be a one-man endeavor. Although this may seem discouraging, the true nature of the game revolves around your own survival so it is a good fit if you think about it-

This is quite a well thought game, with every piece well placed to make this puzzle a huge panorama of thrills and excitement. Half Life II pulls through as one of the leading games in its genre and above all else, a pioneer for games to come. The game contains so many elements that make it engaging, and it is so well produced that every feeling you get it well earned.

Consider it a “must buy game”. If you’re a gamer that loves the shooter genre and a variety of way to killing your enemies, you have picked the right game for you. Satisfying from beginning to end, Half Life II is the beginning of a series of games, in and out of franchise, that will certainly appease many gamers worldwide with all its twists and turns. Just be prepared for high adrenaline rushes!