League of Legends Review

– In this league, your strategy is as important as a single click

League of Legends is one of those game that have suddenly become classics with its own merits. This strategy game has a way to feel unique and that every match doesn’t feel like a previous one. Every match is designed to be unique, which is one of the features we like the more about League of Legends. It’s unique gameplay and strategy interface make the game extremely hooking and engaging, so it’s no surprise the world is taken by League of Legends.

League of Legends has become a sensation among the geek culture, and there is no one who haven’t heard the name of such game being uttered from social media to other gatherings and conventions. That’s because League of Legends has the appeal and the style to make a fandom. It sounds silly that such a small platform game can be a revolutionary and powerful addictive cyber-drug.

The art is colorful, and very well done so it holds true to the appeal for the eye. Many games like this one are shrouded in shadows and dark colors, but this one is the opposite. The game is seriously well designed and every graphic choice has been done carefully to maximize the thrill you have every time you engage in combat.

The game is very simple and very entertaining and you need to know how to make the most out of your team to make sure you have a winning strategy. Eventually it all comes down to the click you make, and you have to be quick and witty if you want to succeed in your campaign. Eventually you’ll learn to be in tune with your team, your movements and your opponent.

All in all, League of Legends is a game that’s worthy of playing and obsessing over. Because of the colorful schematics to the eventual depth of the game design. It is a valiant effort in computer coding and game designing and it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

League of Legends provides fun, color and it will challenge your wits from game to game, and let’s face it, it’s very fun to destroy your enemies and see them crumble to dust. This Mobile Online Battle Arena (or MOBA for short) is one of the best you can find in today’s online world. Next year, maybe we’ll find something else.

But for now, be epic with League of Legends.