Heroes of the Storm

There has never been a developer company more prominent than Blizzard. You can’t go without thinking of famous and hugely impactful games and franchises that captured the hearts and minds of thousands of players than Blizzard games. Warcraft and World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, all of them are superb games with many memorable characters featured in them. But, what if we told you there was a game that brings all those heroes together and pits them against each other? Let us, then, introduce you to Heroes of the Storm.

Are You Prepared?

Heroes of the Strom is a vast MOBA game that seeks to change the face of all MOBAs and what MOBAs are all about. In a typical MOBA, you have two teams pitted against each other in an epic battle to take down the enemy’s “Ancient” or “Nexus”, and score as many kills as possible. In Heroes of the Storm, this premise still stands, but the idea has been expanded. Whereas destroying the enemy’s Ancient is the primary objective, completing other, secondary objectives are of equal importance. Levelling up is not always a matter of killing enemy heroes and enemy minions, but destroying buildings, healing allies, and overall contributing to victory is important as well.

Another very important thing about the game is that it has a very unusual leveling system. The heroes have skills, as in other MOBAs, but they also have different sub-skills attached to every skill. Every skill has a two sub-skills that give the primary skill an additional effect. This allows you to build your heroes in different ways and allow them to focus on different roles, giving more depth to the gameplay. Couple that with the fact that heroes don’t have only standard roles of tank, healer, and DPS, and you have a seriously interesting game. Heroes can now specialize in keeping the pressure on opponents and on AOE skills, as well as taking down towers and buildings, as there are heroes that are specially made to destroy the building quickly and effectively.

As far as the gameplay goes, two teams of five heroes fight for supremacy. There are several maps, but some of them are rather badly balanced. Some maps will have secondary objectives spawn too close to your enemy and too far away from you, rendering you unable to complete them and leaving you to miss out on experience and you’re pretty much done then. Not only that, but the game features strange restrictions. For starters, the game only gives a limited number of heroes to play with. The rest, you have to buy of grind out. The Quick Game is basically playing blind, as you don’t know what map you’ll be playing, with whom and against whom. The League can be played only after you acquire ten heroes, that means grinding for 40 hours, or paying for the heroes. Luckily, if you manage to get there, you will be able to plan ahead and see the map you’re playing on and against whom you’re playing.


All in all, the game is great or could be great if it weren’t for the restrictions. Making a game grindy is always a way to make it boring and reduce your fanbase, but, seeing as this is Blizzard, they’re not running that much of a risk from that, especially because this game is free to play.