Path of Exile

Tired of WoW-type RPGs? Of course you are. Hours upon hours of grinding and brainless combat, and, at some point, you’ve had enough. So, why not spice things up and plays something that will actually engage your brain cells and actually keep you awake? Why not play an action-RPG with all the good things you liked about Diablo and other similar action RPGs? And, the best part – it’s free.  Why not play Path of Exile?

Welcome to Wraeclast

Path of Exile is a game made by Grinding Gear Games, and it’s one of the best online action-RPGs around. The game seeks to introduce something new to the ARPG genre but also reintroduce some of the things you liked about the old ARPGs, like Diablo II. In the core of the gameplay, it’s all about the loot and slaying hordes of monsters, and leveling up. The story is there too, as you trail through Wraeclast after you’ve been exiled there for crimes you may or may not have committed. You start out by choosing your class, Witch, Marauder, Templar, Duellist, Shadow or Ranger. Each class is unique in its own way and has their own preferences, but you’re under no obligation to follow your class’ upgrade path.

And this is why this game is so unique. Usually, you gain spells and abilities as you level up, but not in Path of Exile. Here, you have two upgrade paths that complement each other. To gain spells and abilities, you need to obtain gems. These gems are put in sockets on your arms and armor, and only then can they be used. Not only that but as you level up, the gems level up with you. Alongside this, you have passive skills. PoE features over 1100 skills and some 110 levels to go through. Each level grants you a skill point you can spend, with some missions awarding you additional points. The skill tree is enormous, with every class starting at different points of the tree. However, as you select nodes, you can make a trip across the tree, and create some amazing builds, such as a tank Witch, or a mage duellist.  There is one more class, playable after you beat the game for the first time, the Scion, which starts from the center of the tree and with all three attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Agility) having the same value. All classes feature Ascendancies, three of them, except the scion who has one Ascendancy.

But the game doesn’t stop there. Sockets on arms and armor can also be linked, and there exist support gems that alter the skills in some way, allowing for an amazing degree of flexibility. Using special gems, you can reforge the links and link those that weren’t linked before to create even more interesting gem combinations.

The game has its downsides. There are several leagues, and every league except Hardcore can become very easy after a while. The only challenges are posed by bosses in the first three chapters, but even then, to beat them you’ll probably have to use your healing or mana flasks a little more often than usual if you were using it at all. The enemy variety isn’t that amazing either, but, considering the size of the game, you can’t really hold it that much against Grinding Gear Games.


All in all, this is one amazing ARPG. This review covers only the most important things, but there is much more to see in Path of Exile. For anyone who loved Diablo II and Diablo series in general, then this is a game you will definitely like.