Quake III: Arena Review

– A new way to experience video gaming in an upcoming and rising industry

Quake III: Arena might not be the most presentable game at first, but in the dawn of new consoles and new graphics for a developing area like PC video, this game is an absolute amazing installment. This video game has one of the best texturized elements ever. The walls are so well designed and the character models are really well done, giving a great video gaming experience that doesn’t feel very fake and it’s very engaging and immersive in the world this videogame presents. The lighting effects are amazing, giving an organic feeling to be enjoyed.

The sounds could do with some improvements, but it is an important element in the story as you find your enemies by the increasing sound.

One of the most important things of this game is the gameplay. It plays like no other shooter before, because the controls are smooth and they play well. The only downside of this game is the limited gameplay options that are presented. It would be more fun to play it if there was more of a dynamic element and there was much more options to choose.

The most amazing feature of the game is the multiplayer, it is very addictive and has a lasting appeal because you’ll find yourself wanting more. However, one great recommendation is to play the single player alone for practice, since you’ll find yourself with many enemies, both virtual and real, and you’ll need all the experience you can muster. Playing solo is a great way to get experience because eventually you’ll find yourself in situations of do-or-die. Bloodthirsty players will try to take you down, so practice all you can because the multiplayer is the jewel of the game.

The arsenal provided in the game is really not varied. It provides some basic weapons, but then again, it is the gameplay that matters. So be prepared to hone your skills with a little weapons as you can, and maybe you’ll find the one that will suit you best. Remember that everybody has a weapon of choice, so it might take you time to find the one who actually suits you, but that’s something you’d have to experience for yourself by playing with all your arsenal.

It is important to mention that the difficulty rises quickly, so you’d better be prepared to and take a liking of the controllers. Fast. Because you’re going to be needing all your skills if you want to be able to take down all the bots and all the players who might want to challenge you.

Overall this game is amazing, even though the single player is shallow, the rest of the game provides some interesting gameplay options that make it a very worthwhile investment. Quake III: Arena might become one of those games to look up to for future game, in and out of the franchise, that make it a lasting piece in video game history.