STALKER: Call of Pripyat Review

– A new take on an old franchise, not so bold but worth try

This franchise has come a long way, and there hasn’t been a game, a shooter game, that could combine such an amazing way the beauty of life and the horror of death. The franchise is a jewel. What is interesting about this game is that it is structured as a role-playing game, which is something very interesting for a shooter game. The way to address problems and explore the landscape becomes much more dynamic and adventurous with the way this game is presented.

Story wise, it follows up with the first game, and it revolves around a new character. Like one of the previous games in the franchise, Shadow of Chernobyl, you start this game as poor and vulnerable, so the bar of difficulty is risen high from the very beginning, making it sometimes frustrating yet thrilling. You need to be quick and witty if you want to survive when it comes to taking down all the enemies that are trying to take you down.

There are many things to get upgrades, like taking extra quests that will allow you to get more ways to fight back all the enemies that want to see you down. We highly recommend taking some time to get upgrades because eventually you will be needing them.

One interesting thing about the game is that the guns you don’t use often start to jam and deteriorate, so it gives an organic element to the story. It just feels natural to see all those weapons become unstable and eventually useless, forcing you to use your entire arsenal from time to time if you want to keep your weapons intact. Hunting down for new artifacts can get you killed, but it is worthwhile. And even though, everything in the game is dangerous.

The voice acting can get quite annoying, it seems they couldn’t find better voice actors. But the overall sound design which involves a lot of gunshots, growling and monsters seems to enhance the tension and horror of the game, giving a feel of “chills down your spine” that is eventually what all horror and shooter gamers are looking for. There is a satisfying sense of progression as the game goes on. The graphics are really well done, the studio could have reached a better bet but still, the landscapes seem true and other effects like flashes in the sky can be quite haunting in a good way.

In retrospective, this game deserves to be given a chance even though it does not live up to the original game. Unlike other games, the multiplayer is not the one that draws you in, but the single player game, which is full of new twists and turns that can draw you in and keep you engaged for a while. It is a worthy game, even though it does not gives you the same thrilling experience as Shadow of Chernobyl.