The Forest review

– A Walk into the dark side of the Woods

Survival. That is the main objective of “The Forest”. This game is an exclusive game for the PC, a horror themed piece that takes inspiration from other games like Far Cry, and other games like Minecraft, even if it seems unbelievable. Even though the influences are clear, the game does provide some original twists and turns that can be considered of niche category.

The game is gorgeously made as it envelops different aspects of the survival game, this game is not a walk in the park. The game provides a lot of moments where horror is apparent, something akin Resident Evil, and yet the main goal all along is to survive through the night in the Forest where the plane you were on fell from the sky.

The gameplay changes as day turns into night, and armed with only an axe, you need to make your way to find food and resources that can help you pull through. The survival guide will become your best friend, and the lighter you have might be the only way to light a fire to provide heat.

This game finds its audience in those who are fans of horror and tales of survival, but it also has a spin of originality that can be very appealing.

The Forest is not just about surviving the wilderness, it is about surviving the humanoid monsters that are lurking in the dark. It is a great thrill to see yourself fighting the AI that gives life to these creatures. The core of the game is well developed and it allows for a good game to be enjoyed. The mutants that you face have the ability to communicate with each other, so this beats any zombie killing game you have ever played.

If you manage to survive the first nights in the Forest, you might find yourself with a little upgrade, which is the ability to create Molotov bombs, spears, armor and other type of weapons and defensive items that can make you pass through the game – if you’re brave enough, that is.

It is a very attractive feature the way Endnight Games manages to adjust the difficulty as time progresses in a steady rhythm that feels organic to the story and the progression of the game. It is one of those games that actually feel natural.

All in all, The Forest is a game that forces you to play intelligently, to use all your mental resources to eventually survive the time you spend in that mysterious, horror-filled forest. You need to rely on your mental resources if you want to make it through. Maybe future installments will increase the gameplay with co-op and multiplayer, but for now we can attest that The Forest is a really scary game that will keep you playing – although you might want to wear diapers while at it.

As an independently release game, it is highly recommended. Dive into the forest, dare to survive.