Undertale Review

In 2015 the AAA titles were… A little underwhelming. Even now, in 2017, the AAA titles are losing their charms, as more and more gamers are getting sick of repetitiveness and predictability. Players are looking for diversity, for new games, new ideas, new stories, something that will keep them on their toes, or to draw them in and move them. That’s why people often turn to indie developers. There have been some very good indie games so far, like Darkest Dungeon or Ori and the Enchanted Forest, but no game has been as gripping and as engaging, but, at the same time, sweet and innocent as Undertale.

Beyond Reproach

Undertale is a masterpiece. On every level. The music, the writing, the gameplay – Undertale rocks. It scored 9/10 points with all of the major reviewers. Undertale is the perfect example of how a game can be easy, enjoyable, well-written and the story well-told. The game is an RPG on the surface, with EXP and money being involved. However, the game also looks much different than what a standard RPG looks. There are no new weapons, no armor, and no fancy ways of dispatching your enemies. Undertale is an RPG because it has attributes, but combat is actually akin to bullet hell games, only toned down so players not familiar with such games would have a chance at playing and beating the game.

One of the main gameplay mechanics in the game is sparing or executing your enemies. The game takes place in Underworld, where monsters have been locked away after losing a war with humans. The human child becomes lost in the Underworld and must find their way back. To do so, the child must fight monsters, but the monsters don’t have to be killed. In fact, EXP is only gained after you execute a monster, as EXP actually, in the game, stands for Execution Points. You also gain LOVE (Level of Violence) points, which will determine the outcome of your game. The monsters can be spared or killed but can be seduced or coerced into not fighting you. All monsters are well-developed characters, and their fighting styles will depend on who and what they are.

Undertale is a game with many endings. How you play the game and how many monsters you kill will determine the ending. After beating the game for the first time, you can go with two possible runs – the Pacifist run, in which no monsters are killed, or the Genocide run, where all the monsters are killed. But, be careful – if you choose the Genocide run, once the game is over, if you destroy the universe, you cannot play the game until you accept Chara’s offer of giving her your soul to recreate the world. After that, even after True Reset, the game’s Pacifist and Genocide endings are permanently changed, unless you delete your save files and start from the top.


All in all, everyone playing Undertale is going to experience it differently. The game is incredibly diverse, fit for all players and play styles. Just be careful if you’re homicidal maniac – you’re beyond reproach, but not beyond consequence.