Unreal Tournament 4

In 1998, Epic Games released the very first “Unreal” to the gaming community. The following year saw the release of the original “Unreal Tournament.” Over the years, they released “Unreal Tournament 2003,” “Unreal II: The Awakening,” “Unreal Tournament 2004,” “Unreal Tournament 3,” and in 2014 they released “Unreal Tournament 4,” also known as “Unreal Tournament 2014.”

The “Unreal” games are run on a game engine created by Epic Games. The original “Unreal Engine” was used in 1998 in their original “Unreal” game, which was available on Windows and Mac computers. They are currently using “Unreal Engine 4,” which is now a complete suite of creation tools for creating games. The “Unreal Engine 4” is used by numerous gaming companies to develop their games for anything from Android phones to Xbox One gaming systems. There are over 200 games, by various developers, that use the “Unreal Engine 4.” Epic Games’ recent popular game which uses the engine is “Fortnite.” They are also working on a new version of “Unreal Tournament (2017),” which is available online in a pre-alpha version.

“Unreal Tournament 4” or “Unreal Tournament 2014” is a single-player/multi-player first-person shooter. “Unreal Tournament 4” is set 300 years in the future. The tournament is a futuristic version of gladiator battles using numerous weapons of destruction. Players must fight and win or lose and die. The tournaments include: capture the flag, deathmatch, duel, assault, bombing run, warfare, showdown and even team deathmatch. “Unreal Tournament 4” is the 10th game in the “Unreal” series. In the past 20 years, “Unreal” and the “Unreal Engine” have won numerous awards, including being listed in the 2014 Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Successful Video Game Engine.”

Because Epic Games made their “Unreal Engine 4” creation tools available to the public, the “Unreal” games have become a collaboration between Epic Games and the gaming community. While Epic Games created the core game functionality of “Unreal,” talented gaming community artists have created characters, weapons, graphics and more. Because of this collaboration, the “Unreal” games are FREE to play.

The holiday weekend is coming to a close in the United States. Games and gaming systems have been bought at reduced prices, and gamers all over this country have exhausted their brains and hands playing either solo or with friends their favorite new games or all-time classics. This gamer spent time with family picking out long waited for games, reviewing classics, and watching battles of wit and wills. I now know what games I want to spend my money on and which ones I will pass on in the future based on the help from reviews of friends and family all over the world. Thus, I maintain my original thesis, unlike other mediums of this millennium, video games are a common link across generations, races, cultures, and sexes. A video game exists for everyone; find the one that suits you!