World of Warcraft: Legion Review

– Blizzard gives us a reason to rememeber why this game is worthy to be played

After a series of disastrous gameplay problems and patches, it was a common belief that Blizzard had lots its ability to make a compelling game. Many people started to believe World of Warcraft had lost its ability to do great things. With the lack of social ability within previous games and the glitches that came afterwards, many fans were starting to lose hope. However, hope is not yet lost as we have opened the gates to a new game: Word of Warcraft: Legion.

This game takes the franchise to a new open world that hasn’t been seen since 2004, and it’s a really amazing experience to be able to feel like Blizzard’s franchise is returning to glory after being shadowed by many other games for the past few years. The ability to make new friends in this new world is something very attractive as it has been present in World of Warcraft in previous installments but never so resounding as this new take on the franchise. It is something to be joyful for and have the chance to interact more with new people.

It is an eventful launch, since the previous expansions, Warlords of Draenor was one of Blizzard’s more recent and resounding failures. That expansion gave us gamers a lot a lot of headaches that we can’t even begin to list them right now. Patches and more glitches and then more patches, it was a nightmare. But now we have this new entry that seems to be a breath of life again for the franchise, because it works perfectly so far and introduces new dynamics that we can get used to, engaged of and eventually fond of easily and quickly.

The gameplay has evolved, giving us Artifacts that have meaning and that each have a destructive capability. Of course, being an open world means that many other people have the very same weapon. That’s why you’d want to transform it into something else using the feature that allows you to mask the appearance of any weapon. That makes things interesting as this cloaking ability seems to be a feature that gives you the element of surprise.

With this new open world feature and the new way of gameplay, it is easy to say that World of Warcraft has been reinvented after a lot of mishaps, and it has been 13 long years since a game of this franchise has felt so organic and so attractive. We just hope that the game continues to evolve in a positive way and doesn’t fall back into the mistakes of the previous installments.