XCOM 2 Review

– An alien occupation is now ruling humanity with an iron fist

XCOM saw the end of an alien war, and humanity lost. 20 years later, we begin this story. A post-apocalyptic setting, a dark feeling of eerie happenings and a sense of loss surrounds the air. There is nothing darker than the feeling that your innocence has been lost and that there is no way back. So this game begins and you are left to wonder if you will live another day trying to find freedom or being enslaved to the aliens forever. You choose to fight.

So now you’re part of the resistance, and you will need to have a backup plan if you want to stay alive for one more game. We really can’t complain with this game, XCOM 2 has a solid and powerful gameplay and strategic development that really outmaneuvers many games before. XCOM 2 is a marvelous game that will have you thinking beyond your capacities with one objective in mind: survive to fight another day, which is really all we can say.

Playing Russian roulette is a dangerous gamble, well, so is playing XCOM 2. As the game progresses, you will realize you have a limited arsenal, but eventually you will start getting more and more upgrades as time passes by. The game progresses and you eventually get more and more weapons, ammo and upgrades that will be critical in saving your life.

One of the many good things about this game is that you eventually get a variety of missions, so you don’t have to settle with one-linear gameplay and boring stories. This one has you actually at the edge of your seat, craving for more and more action as the game progresses with a powerful storyline and a series of different missions that will keep you entertained.

The game is basically an answer to everything that was requested after playing XCOM in 2012, with new roleplay ability and other types of features that will keep you engaged and complement the previous game with great craft. There are several versions of the game that had come out so be ready and prepare your pocket to purchase the ultimate version.

Thanks to game like this, tactical combat becomes much more interesting and even though the game may have a few bugs (which game doesn´t?) it really is a game that will keep you interacting with your console more often than not.